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AET S​wim School

high quality swimming lessons at affordable prices

Covid Information 

AET Swim School Covid-19, Secure return to lessons information


All this information is up to date, but may be updated as information changes

Please note we have attached a ‘walk through’ video to the email that shows all these details

Please park in the school car park, if you are in the top car park, walk around the right hand side of the large theatre building through the two sets of green gates, (do not walk down the slope).

Walk around the building (keep the building on the left hand side).

On the pavement at the back of the building you will see lines on the floor to help with social distancing.

Follow the markers to the double doors (on the ground level)

Do not go up the ramp, this ramp must be kept clear at all times as it’s a fire exit.

Drop off for lessons

ALL SWIMMERS (including adults for the baby and toddler classes) MUST BE BEACH READY.


ADULTS & children over 12 before entering the building must put on a face covering.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering you enter the building at your own risk.

Enter the double doors, hand sanitizer is on the wall to your right and also a bottle on the table too

Queue in the corridor (socially distanced) on the LEFT HAND SIDE.

Children will be called through onto poolside by staff through the blue door.

NO PARENTS can enter the poolside to wait for the start of the lessons, you must exit the building ASAP (see below)

If your child is in a pre-school class or above they will wait on the seats on the left hand side of the pool, staff will assist them with discs if required.

If you prefer your child to wear their own discs or arm bands please ensure they arrive on poolside with them on ready.

Parent and toddler lessons will enter the blue doors and leave their bag on the tables by the window, entering the water via the shallow end/steps.

Adults MUST then exit the building (turning left) using the exit on to the front car park. Please take clothes and belonging with you. You must wait outside safely or in your cars.

There will be NO CAFÉ or indoor waiting areas

Parents MUST stay on site during the lessons

There will be NO SPECTATORS of any lessons

Only 1 adult per baby/toddler in the pool. If your baby/toddlers have back to back lessons the same adult stays in the pool while the other adult changes the children.

Collecting you child after their lesson

Face covering must be worn.

Please enter the building as before, but this time you will queue on the right hand side, face coverings must be worn.

Please do not enter the building until 2 minutes before the end of the lessons.

Parents will be called through to collect their children and exit through the changing rooms. (of the gender of the adult)

Some people may feel more comfortable not using the changing rooms if this is the case, ideally you will use a dry robe or onesie to wrap your child and leave asap.

If you feel you need to use the changing areas you must keep your distance from others and dry and dress as fast as possible.


Toilet cubicles must not be used as changing areas

We request that you spend no longer than 10 minutes in the changing areas to allow staff cleaning time


Go out of the changing rooms into the corridor and turn right, walk through the lime green doors and turn right again, exiting through the door to outside the swimming pool.

Once outside walk around the outside of the pool building and arrive in the car park where you entered for the lessons

Thank you for you support

Team AET